Louise Bourgeois, Eye Benches II ©Stephan Bösch

As a counterpoint to the rather classical ambience of “Expressionism! Works from the Horn Collection,” the of Kirchner Museum Davos presents feminist-inspired work by an internationally acclaimed artist.

With a career spanning eight decades, French American artist Louise Bourgeo (1911–2010) was best known for her large-scale sculptures and installations inspired by personal memories and experiences.

Her work “Eye Benches II” is on display in Kirchner Park. Carved in black granite, the sculpture suggests a material manifestation of omniscience—the all-seeing eye—as the smooth surfaces of its languid eyelids cast a mesmerizing monumental gaze composed of concentric circles. Enlarged and displaced, the eye calls to mind the perspectives of Surrealism, a creative source for Bourgeois. Visitors encounter the disembodied eyes that seem to follow their every move, and subsequently discover that the enigmatic sculptural objects provide outdoor seating.