Reading between the lines
Thomas Mann, Photo: Carl Van Vechten

Davos celebrates the 100th anniversary of Thomas Mann's literary classic "The Magic Mountain" in 2024. Various events will shed light on the novel, the author and the history of Davos. At the Kirchner Museum on 11 April 2024, Thomas Mann's legendary novel will be combined with works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and related to selected passages as part of the "Reading between the lines" event series. 

What did Davos look like when Thomas Mann was here (1912 and 1921)? Ernst Ludwig Kirchner came to Davos in 1917 and often focussed on his new surroundings in his works. Combined with Thomas Mann's precise descriptions, a unique picture of Davos unfolds through reading and visualisation.

With Sara Smidt, art mediator
Admission: CHF 5.–, museum admission not included